How do I change from an Automatic Licence to a Manual one?

We’re getting asked this question a lot and the answer is “really easily”.

If you already hold a UK Automatic Driving Licence then all you need to do is take and pass the driving test in a manual car.

There is no theory test to take as it is an additional entitlement, not a new licence for a different vehicle type.

The main thing is finding the correct instructor for you. You’ll have no doubt picked up a few “bad habits” so you’ll need to find an instructor that can work with you to assess and help you to manage the risk with your driving.

There will be some things that you might need to change in your driving style, but the chances are a good driving instructor won’t make you go back to basics.

The only thing that you’ll need to remember is that to book your practical test you’ll need to ring the DVSA driving test booking support to book your test as the online system won’t understand that you wish to add an additional entitlement.

The contact information you need can be found HERE

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