Learning to drive can be costly, but how can the theory test be helpful to reduce those costs?

Often we find that some learners don’t understand the importance of the Theory Test! This lack of understanding is also a massive factor in how much learning to drive will cost them in the long run!

Driving instructors are guilty of this as well, as they don’t push the learner to study for their theory or even push them to do their Theory Test.

Revolution Instructors will ask you to start revising for your theory test as soon as possible to help with the understanding of driving lessons.

The longer you take to pass your theory Test the more money it will cost you to learn to drive.

So how important is the Theory Test?

Studying correctly for the Theory Test will not only ensure you have the best opportunity to pass your Theory Test first time. It also gives you the knowledge that you need to be able to drive safely. So, therefore, reducing the number of hours required on driving lessons!

What is the best way to study?

The best way is to learn to the knowledge and theory behind driving. Using the Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs and Driving The Essential Skills. Couple these books with Theory Test Pro and our Revision Guide and you won’t go far wrong.

What about Apps?

We get a lot of learners that tell us their mates used this App or that App to study and didn’t need to read the Highway Code. That’s great that they have passed the theory test, but do they know the rules of the road which will keep them safe?

All the Apps do is give you a question and an answer, so therefore you are learning only the questions that may come up in the theory test. You’re are not improving your knowledge.

To help you with your theory and cut down the amount of lessons required we strongly recommend you have access to the following books:-

Highway Code and Know Your traffic signs as well as sign up to Theory Test Pro. Links can be found below.

The Highway Code

Know Your Traffic Signs

Theory Test Pro

If you want a copy of our Theory Revision Guide drop us a message HERE and we’ll get one sent out to you asap.